About Bioyuan

The Company's core business includes R&D and production of quality control products and standard substances, R&D and promotion of quality management software, the development and utilization of inter-laboratory comparison, the consulting services of ISO15189 quality management system, and the education and training in quality management. Through the five-in-one one-stop service, the Company develops medical laboratory quality services to improve the overall quality of medical diagnosis and treatment services.

Quality Control (QC) Products

Immune, biochemical, clinical examination, molecular, and other series. Production and supply of about 300 markers.


Bioyuan Intelligent Quality Assessment System (BIQAS)

It is a mobile Internet platform for medical laboratory quality management based on "Big data + cloud technology". With multiple functions such as internal quality control, external quality assessment, inter-laboratory comparison, and performance verification, it provides a human-machine friendly solution for quality control data transmission, quality control scheme creation, out-of-control management, and data analysis, and offers technical support for overall laboratory quality control and mutual recognition of test results. The R&D process of BiQAS passed CMMI3 International Certification to provide comprehensive quality assurance for software development.

Medical Laboratory Accreditation Services

The ISO15189 accreditation consulting service of Bioyuan Biotechnology carries out consulting services through the dual model of expert training + operational support. Equipped with an expert team with senior reviewers as the core, we provide customers with professional analysis of accreditation criteria, and guide the laboratory to build a quality management system in line with its own operating conditions; At the same time, we have an operational support team to provide the laboratory quality management system establishment, document management, personnel training, performance verification and other professional on-site auxiliary support, so that the laboratory can correctly and efficiently implement the accreditation preparation, accreditation application and accreditation review work.